Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I Find Disturbing That I Don't Think the Elongated Man Can Do-Palooza Tuesday!

Courtesy of Detective Comics #349, or as I like to call it, That Awesome Issue of Detective Comics:

This, of course, is extra awesome because it looks like he's giving the guy the Elongated Finger, which would also be well worth seeing.

Wow.  So, does everything stretch?  You know, like bones and cartilage and stuff?  Because that has to be the case for some of these things.

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

I suppose Carmine Infantino wanted something visually-different from previous stretchable characters, just as his FLASH work presented a new way of portraying a super-speedster with that kool "strobing" effect that most other artists later adapted.

In the case of Elongated Man, it was using body parts not previously-used by other artists including Jack Cole or Jack Kirby. Not an easy thing to do, and not, as we've seen, always successful.
But ya gotta credit him with trying!
Note: most of these stories feature Carmine inking himself!

MarvelX42 said...

Maybe, but it just looks stupid.

Aaron said...

I really like this concept and that it sets him apart from other stretchers who really all look pretty silly but that's the way I likes em. It's good silly, like Bouncing Boy.

Lazarus Lupin said...

It works with the character. The detective angle hints at a sort of resourcefulness and think outside the box qualities to Ralph's thinking. Whereas plastic man as an arch materialist (at least when he was eel o'brian) thinks as what he can "turn into," Ralph is thinking "well if everything I have stretches well why can't I shoot a knuckle out?"

Of course, this leads to a certain sniggering in some sets but if you going to wear a purple body suit you aren't worried what others think.

Lazarus Lupin
art and review

SallyP said...

Oh Ralph, I miss you so. You had such...panache. Well, that and a warped sense of humor.