Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Getting a Whiff of It Again! Monday!

So we're into the "New Look" Batman era in Detective Comics.  For those of you with lives who don't keep track of such things, the "New Look" refers to the yellow oval under Batman's chest emblem.  You see, probably in no small part due to the terrible Batman stories I've been highlighting, Batman's popularity was actually very low in 1964, and DC was planning to get rid of Bats altogether.  I know!  Can you imagine?

Anyway, you can probably tell by today's panels that editor Julie Schwartz was re-vamping the character, getting rid of the aliens, and just making much-needed improvements.  The yellow oval under the chest emblem isn't a huge costume change, but it was a clear signal as to whether you were reading a pre-change or post-change Batman story back in the day.

That would be the last time Batman and Robin booked a vacation through Travelocity....

Hey!  It's time for Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

A return to detective work only made sense.  I mean, it's Detective Comics, right?  So let's listen in on the action:

What???  Foreign????  Sputter!  I'll not have it!  Good detective work, lads!  We'll have them investigated immediately.  Not that we expect to find anything, but you should go ahead and contact Immigration to initiate deportation proceedings!

That's right, kids.  Foreign people are "odd."  Be ever vigilant!

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

You gotta be a bit more careful about "sizing" the panels.
The first shot seems to be a close up of Robin's...utility belt.
It only makes sense when you click on the panel to see the whole thing.

You might want to switch Blogger templates to enable you to have bigger, uncropped images.

Adam Barnett said...

Blogger has gotten rather wonky as they make improvements. When I previewed it on Friday, it was fine. Some gremlins must have jumped in over the weekend. All in all, the improvements are positive ones, but there is certainly the occasional surprise!

Easy fix. Although I imagine my traffic would have increased in a certain demographic had I left things as they were!

Britt Reid said...

"...Although I imagine my traffic would have increased in a certain demographic had I left things as they were!"

Wanna prove Wertham right? ;-)

D.B. Echo said...

I think the odd thing about those "foreign" men in the last panel is that they appear to be riding an invisible bicycle built for two. Indoors.

MarvelX42 said...

I know you were going for the funny when you said the thing about the detective saying the men were "foreign", but I think he meant Foreign as in "A foreign object in your soup" kind of foreign.