Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Girls Who are Hip Don't Flip for Fellows Who Smoke Tuesday!

By the time Detective Comics #332 rolled around, the objective was to have a more realistic Batman.  With this in mind, the issue confused me to no end.  First, let's check out the seemingly-harmless PSA inside the front cover:

Before you even ask, Paulette Breen actually did make something of herself in the film industry, including a guest spot on The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, so she gets a pass here (despite my blanket objection to beauty contests "scholarship competitions").

And she was anti-smoking, which was also quite cool, although I would have been tempted by any hobby where the objective was to "take a butt," as seen here.

Now, I thought they were talking about tobacco.  But check out the Batman story here, and tell me if you still think that's the case:

Okay, they might have had this story laying around before they decided to get all serious, and that is a shot of the Joker riding a giant chicken, which is always awesome.

But then things take a suspicious turn:

Hmmmmmm.  It is the Sixties.

Okay, anyone not seeing it now?  So far, I've seen references to loco weed and an excessive ingestion of anti-histamines.

Robin, how are you holding up?

That's it.  Someone call Child Welfare.  I'll keep an eye on things here.

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

Hmm, you passed up the obvious "giant cock" between the Jokers legs joke. Good job keeping it clean.

Lazarus Lupin said...

I don't believe normal loco weed pollen could cause the effect no matter how much saturates the air, but at this point normal has left the station.

I can see later batman in therapy, "and I saw the joker with a giant cock between his legs..." just hope his therapist isn't a freudian.

Elizabeth said...

She was in The Wizard of Speed and Time?? Hot diggity, that's enough for me!

Benjamin D Heath said...

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love it as usual
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