Monday, March 31, 2014

Mac is a Wonderful He-Man!

It's Monday!  That can only mean that it's time to check out Pep Comics #60!

This is a variation on the Charles Atlas "Making a Man out of 'Mac'" ad that I hadn't previously seen.  And I've read a lot of comics, so let's presume it's rare:

Wow.  Way to represent women of the '50s there, Alice.

He and Alice are stepping out?  I have always wanted an excuse to play this video:

Isn't that beautiful?  The moral of that story is that even if you only get to live your dream for an evening, celebrate that opportunity.  

Our music was just better than the crap they put out today.  Don't make me prove it, or this blog will be littered with music videos.

Anyway, Gorilla Gus and Alice are gonna go "steppin' out":

This is what I've never understood about these ads.  Rather than find a nice girl who is actually worth his time and effort, Mac decides to become a bodybuilder.  Oh yeah, that's a much more constructive use of his time.

Because, after all, why cultivate a positive relationship with someone when you can have ten seconds of short-term satisfaction via violence?:

And so, Mac had his....

REVENGE! (tm!)

Of course, Alice will dump Mac for the next guy who comes along, because you just know that Alice is not exactly a "long term relationship kind of gal."

I also saw this ad:

Yeah, I love this company.  This is the one who sends you live animals for selling something.  In this case:

and just when you think that can't be topped:

I would have paid cash money to have seen the look on the mothers' faces when they saw a pair of pigeons or rabbits sitting by their mailbox.

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

What do they mean by "raising of rabbits for the market"? The supermarket?

Adam Barnett said...

I think so, Marv. I remember watching a documentary and a lady was raising rabbits under the philosophy "if they aren't sold as pets, they're sold as dinner."