Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Out of Character for Jimmy Olsen... He's Actually Being AWESOME for a Change!

Some random panel goodness, starting with Action Comics #253!

Action #253 had one of many stories where a friend of Superman's developed super-powers of his/her own and used them to cause mayhem.  This wasn't always the worst thing, though.

Exhibit "A":

See?  There's a lot to like about super-powered evil Jimmy Olsen!

Meanwhile, from Pep Comics #52, we have some... interesting word choices from an infuriated Reggie Mantle: 

I'm not sure how I'm going to work that into conversation, but I will find a way.

Meanwhile, as is my favorite part of perusing old comics looking for cheap chuckles, I found an interesting bit of trivia.  Do you know what Reggie Mantle's dad did for a living that made him so rich?


And for some reason, the highway commissioner wore a robe and handed out penalties that appeared to be enforceable by jail time.  That seems like a pretty clear violation of Separation of Powers, but maybe they have a different system of government in Riverdale.


Oh, Fatty.  Must you live up to the stereotype?

See you tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

Were you ever able to work that Reggie quote into a conversation? :) My god, that is one of the best comic panels I've ever seen. I only found out about this site a few days ago, but it's sure been fun going through so far!