Friday, March 14, 2014

You're Evil! Get Out!

Dear Ones, I'm afeared it's staycation time!  I'm going to take a week and enjoy the advent of warmer weather.

Sooo... NEW POSTS WILL RESUME ON MONDAY, MARCH 24th.  'salright?

But before I spend the week barbecuing in my pajamas, let's take a look at Action Comics #261: 

Okay, before anyone makes the joke about "Urko the Terrible," I'll make it first:

The point was that Urko clearly states he is a "form of life."  Got that?  Because it's important.

So, if you just look like someone Superman is fond of, he'll let you beat him to death.  I'm starting to see a strategy that might be of interest to the Composite Superman.

Anyway, check this out:

And then...

So, to review:  Urko was a life-form.  He was trying to flee.  Superman casually destroyed him.

How is this not a big deal????

Anyway... check out this letters page.  After reading the contents of the letters, I'm pretty sure Superham is trying to vaporize them with his eyeball-rays there...:

See?  Even back then, nerds took their comics way too seriously.

I'll miss you guys!  See you on the 24th!


Aaron Carine said...

I don't know, maybe Supes doesn't think that creatures made of gas really count as people. They weren't politically correct back then; today we value all people, whether they are made of gas, water, iron, fire, wood or whatever.

MarvelX42 said...

It is nice to see that the kids back in the day weren't nearly as stupid as the writers of these comics thought that they were. You can see though that it didn't change much about how the comics were written.

gummboote said...

Were those by and large patient replies to the readers' letters really written by Mort Weisinger, a man who threw writers' scripts on the floor and jumped up and down on them? Actually, no; he probably told E.Nelson Bridwell to do it.