Monday, March 3, 2014

An Ordinary Supergirl Getting Used to Earthly Things!

Most of us are pretty familiar with this cover:

Did you notice how Superman was testing the proverbial water to see if it was an illusion?  It's like he had this recurring fantasy and couldn't believe it came to life.  Well, that's your cousin, Superham!  There are laws against that sort of thing.... I presume.

But first, they're still working out the kinks with the new Congo Bill brain-swap situation:

Why is that gorilla so aware of what's going on?  The gorilla is a gorilla!   I give you Exhibit "A":

See?  That's what someone with a gorilla brain thinks like!  They don't engage in thoughtful narratives!

But then, I see stuff like this, and all is forgiven:

Back to Supergirl.  I was pretty hazy on her origin until I read this.  It appears that her street was blown off Krypton in the explosion and it was encased in an air pocket and a food-machine worked so everyone thought they could survive and then it was revealed that the core of the ground had turned into Kryptonite (because what sense would it have made if it hadn't?) and then they rolled out a big sheet of lead that worked for a while until a meteor storm came and punched holes in the lead and I guess there was only so much lead because they weren't able to patch it and Kryptonite was going to leak into the atmosphere and everyone was gonna die after all.

See?  Simple.

You know, if you have a whole month, you should probably build a rocket with three seats.

How many seats did you put in the rocket that you had an entire month to build?

Oh, come now!  You had an entire month!  How long would it have taken to put a couple of extra seats or a little cargo space where you and your wife could have put yourselves in that rocket!  That guy really wanted out of that marriage!

Now, watch how quickly Supes gives that proposal a "No Sale."

Yeah.... he's got an even better idea than Kara cramping his style:

Yup.  Shove her in an orphanage.  That's a much more appropriate thing to do.

So, if she wasn't going to be allowed to be Supergirl, why didn't she didn't she just live with Clark?  Because SHUT UP, that's why!

Notice she's going to live there for "a long time to come."  Way harsh, Superham.

See you tomorrow!


Gene Phillips said...

The problem with Linda living with Clark would be apparent in the super-paranoid world of Superman. In that world evildoers are always suspecting that Clark is Superman. By that logic, if a niece suddenly showed up and started living with the reporter, the evildoers would do their research and find out that there is no Linda Lee, that whoever her parents were supposed to be never existed, and so on. So there is some rough logic there.

That said, I have the vague recollection that occasionally Clark did represent Linda as a orphan cousin. If so that kind of violates the idea that she's an orphan with no trace-able history. But one can't blame the original story for later lapses.

Tracer Bullet said...

How long was Lana's neighborhood floating in space? Because Supes got here as an infant, but she didn't land until he was 1) an adult and 2) well-known as Superman (did the cable TV lines survive the explosion too?) They didn't have a month to build a ship. They had 20 years.

Tracer Bullet said...

And now that I think about it, Kara must have been conceived and born on that floating chunk of rock. You got time for a little slap 'n' tickle but not to save your own lives?

MarvelX42 said...

"There! That wig of pigtails makes you look like a different girl entirely who was born on Earth!" Because there are of course no girls on Earth with shoulder length blond hair. No you can only look like an Earth girl if you wear a wig of brown hair that is done up in pigtails. Also NEVER undo those pigtails or someone might think you are from another planet!