Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Sandman Tends to Over-Explain

I'll eat it later! I've got to leave for an appointment uptown! I'm going to use my automobile! I might eat it along the way if I'm stuck in traffic or hit a red light. I tend to speed through yellow lights. If I don't eat it along the way, I may eat it before I actually enter the building! Or, I may wait until after my appointment! After my appointment, I'll be driving myself home!

Okay, Wes, take the candy or don't. No one is asking you to deliver a thesis here. I'll bet she never makes the mistake of offering Wes candy again!


SallyP said...

Oh this is great. He's as bad as Starman!

Anonymous said...

Call it sugar next time Hellen.

Joe-Pa said...

Wow...the cinnabons atop her head are FANTASTIC. Such a complementary aspect to the sugar-laden candies, too! :-)

Ah, comic art...how far (in some aspects) you have come.