Monday, June 25, 2007

Arthur Curry's Hidden Talent

You know, Aquaman is pretty limited in his effectiveness. I mean, unless the JLA finds itself in the middle of the ocean, he doesn't have a lot to contribute, and one generally doesn't just "find oneself" in the middle of the ocean - it generally requires planning and deliberate action on your part. So, rarely does the JLA find itself saying, "Thank goodness you came along, Aquaman!"

That being said, Arthur can crank out the nom de plume like a machine. Most of us would think of "Bill Smith" or something, but Arthur pulls a compound nickname out of his hat as if he were rattling off a cocktail order at happy hour.

Sure, commanding creatures of the sea is nifty, but I want that quick-thinking dude with me the next time I'm pulled over by the cops.

Granted, he kinda ruins the whole effect with the "Yeah, that's the ticket!" bit he says at the end, but all in all, that was a good dodge.

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SallyP said...

I definitely prefer him in orange and green to those stripes however.