Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How to Keep Your Rod from Working

I know what would keep my rod from working - a picture of Paris Hilton! Zing!

By the way, this kid is supposed to be blind, and I accept that. But why is his blindness causing his retinas to slide down his cheeks like that?


SallyP said...

What is wrong with that poor boy's face?

Oh, I thought it was supposed to be nude photos of Whoopie Goldberg that made your rod not work.

Adam Barnett said...

That would do it as well. I just find Paris particularly unattractive.

FoldedSoup said...

There's way too much out-of-context comedy to be had there. I'm not even going to try.


Where's that kid's other hand?

(Gah! get out of my head!)

Adam Barnett said...

Heh, Soup!

He *is* leaning a bit forward, isn't he?