Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Costume Hall of Fame and Shame - The Creeper

By all accounts, the Creeper is awesome. In his secret identity, he's kind of a jerk and when he transforms, he's insane. His weapon of choice is to smack you silly, armed with nothing more than a cackle and a funky red rug he wears for a cape.

And most of the time, it looks great. Most of the time. When he's in those awkward positions, all hunched over and such, he looks appropriately bizarre and off-putting. But as you can see here:

When he stands erect and isn't having a psychotic episode, it looks downright awkward. Some folks simply look ridiculous when they want to be taken seriously.

Case in point:

Katie Couric on The Today Show. Loveable goofball. Wasn't afraid to dress up like Marilyn Monroe for Halloween or get a colonoscopy on camera. She was that cute silly friend we all have, and we loved her for it.

Then, we get Katie Couric from The CBS Evening News. No longer cute. No longer charming. Has odd expression on her face that looks like she's afraid we'll figure out what plastic surgery she's had done. As much fun to watch as a City Council meeting on cable channel 84.

Don't stand up straight, Creeper. Ever.

Ah, that's more like it!


FoldedSoup said...

I've been trying desperately to decide my future Ditko Tattoo design - I'm stuck between Creeper and Question. Leaning towards Question.

But, if I do go Creeper - you bring up a very valuable point, and one I've never noticed before. Yes. The Creeper works only in certain poses. I see that now...

Good eye!

(Still, I would've kept him outta the Hall O' Shame, though...)

Adam Barnett said...

Yeah, but look at him standing up. It's just wrong. What a difference the pose makes.

The Question also rocks my world....

Anonymous said...

Creeper that works = drawn by Steve Ditko. Creeper that doesn't work = drawn by anyone else. (And Creeper written by indie-comix slummer who's seen a few French silent movies = KILL! KILL! KILL!)

Anonymous said...

Creeper is one of those characters that done right rules and as someone else stated only Steve Ditko has done him right.

I love The Creeper. One of my top 20 characters. Just so bizar that you have to like him.

The way I see the creeper is wrong atonomy like spiderman. His big fluffy red sash flowing in the background set into a dark gritty setting.

sorry for typos tired and what not.

MKChick said...

It's a tragedy that awkward!Creeper is still around in the present day.

As if that '06 Creeper series wasn't bad enough, check out the second volume. Right near the end, we are presented with...Creeper soberly standing up straight and carrying on a somber, serious conversation.

He's been around for, what, forty years? You'd think that the writers would have figured out by now that serious does not work.