Thursday, June 14, 2007

Character Hall of Fame - Volto from Mars

UNEXPECTED HOLLIDAY ALERT! This will be my last post until Monday. There won't be a Friday post because they are closing the offices. Why? Because they're digging up a car that was buried in the front lawn in the 1950's. No, that's the real reason. There are some things you just can't make up.

But as an added bonus to get you through the long (for me, anyway) weekend, allow me to give you an ultra-rare scan of Volto from Mars. Why is he in the Hall of Fame? Well, two reasons:

1) His powers were copied 30 years after his appearance by Amazing Man in the All-Star Squadron. Remember when they decided that Amazing Man was too much like the Absorbing Man and inexplicably gave him magnetic powers? Well, Volto had him beat by years.

NOTE: These powers were also copied by Yankee Poodle of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew fame.... well, sorta fame. Not really famous at all. But she was a comic character, and one hand repelled while the other attracted. Insert your own joke about one hand repelling and one attracting in my comments!

2) I was about 75% through this page before I figured out it was an ad. I actually paused and thought, "He wants cereal? That's certainly odd. Must have been a 1940's thing." Then we see him chowing down on Grape-Nuts. That's some mighty smooth advertising there, Volto. Major props.

See you Monday!


SallyP said...

For eons, aliens have been coming to earth for our yummy breakfast cereals. The name "Kellogg" is worshipped in several galaxies.

kiltsandthistles said...

wow that was some good advertising, but just curious how did you miss that at the top of the page it says advertisement? Not trying to be smart just wonderin.

BTW LOVE reading your blog!

Adam Barnett said...

To tell the truth, kilts, I don't always catch those things.... I was so interested in spotting a potential new character from the 1940's, that I skimmed right to the good stuff. I tend to do that with older comics - reading them is like a time capsule to me, and I find it exciting.

Thanks so much for reading!


Adam Silfven said...

Nice scan, made me laugh at the seriously outdated stereotypes. I bet Grape-nuts would shit themselves if they remembered that ad.

Also, what exactly on the boy was he attracting? And what on the bad "Japs" was he repelling?

Mmmm something is making me want to go eat some grape-nuts right now. Sad thing is there are actually some in my cupboard.

Nice blog you have here, btw, the absurdity of comics should keep you busy for a long long time.

De said...

I have a feeling Volto was like a more powerful Magneto and was attracting/repelling the very iron atoms in their blood!

Chance said...

The thing that bugged me the most about that propaganda was calling the Japanese "treacherous." Uh... they're fighting for their OWN side, dude. To be treacherous, they'd have to pretend to be loyal to the USA first.

Do westerners in Japanese media from the era say "Me big dumb round-eye, me shoot gun?"