Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Boundaries, Johnny! Boundaries!

Okay, let's review. See how Johnny is being physically demonstrative to his sister there in the background? Totally appropriate.

.... but then Johnny takes things waaaaaay too far. I don't care if Jessica Alba is playing your sister in the movie, this is just wrong!

Seriously, am I the only one hearing "Sometimes When We Touch" playing in the background here?


Sleestak said...

Don't forget the recent Civil War scene where they played husband and wife!

Adam Barnett said...

oh, ick! I haven't read to that part yet. EEEEEWWWWWW!

SallyP said...

Gee, MY brother and I would have been dancing around and yelling, "eeeuuuwwwww!" and "Mom! He's touching me!"

Anonymous said...

that kid's poorly drawn. poor thing.