Friday, September 25, 2015

Superman vs. Wonder-Man. Prepare for Disappointment.

Let's finish up the week with a few random Super-musings!

I'd give it to Luthor on that one.  It really doesn't matter what size Superman is if he still has his powers.  That's like saying I deserve your lottery winnings if I hold the door open for you at the convenience store when you buy it.

Next case!

Hey!  Recycled Names! (tm!)

Yup!  Hyphen notwithstanding, there was a Wonder Man who would debut in the October, 1964 ish of The Avengers.  The date of this issue?  February of that same year.  Coincidence?

While we ponder the conspiracy, let's check out some highlights from that issue: 

I'm going to use, "Go scratch yourself," as a way of telling jive turkeys to step off.

That was possibly the single greatest conversation ever.

See you Monday!

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