Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In Which Superman Shows No Regard for the Laws of Other Lands

Troubling questions abound in Superman #168:

Yes, these people groove on Luthor.  And, as we've seen, Luthor loves 'em right back... even to the point of sacrificing his freedom strictly for their benefit.

The point is, there is no one on Lexor who doesn't think Luthor is a great guy.  He has broken no laws, and those people have taken him in as one of their own.

None of which means a pile of pecan pancakes to Superman:

You know, I'm pretty sure this world has no extradition treaty with the United States.  Superman is basically attempting a kidnapping here.

Yeah.  Seriously, Superman... I'm pretty sure you don't have jurisdiction here.  Luthor has broken no laws on this planet and they don't want you touching a hair on his head, figuratively speaking.

I'm not saying these people are particularly bright:

No, they can't tell a statue from a living person. But that's not the point.

You remember yesterday how I was wondering about why effective inventions are never used again?  Add this one to the list:

Yeah, if Luthor really figured out a way to temporarily give himself super-powers, he should probably hit the old Random Ray Usage (tm!) before he goes and confronts Big Blue.  But I guess he's just so bloated with inventions that he has a "I will only use a device once, no matter how successful it is," policy.

Here was a house ad for the Silver Age Hawkman:

I really liked the Silver Age version of Hawkman.  I liked his use of ancient weapons.  But I'm pretty sure "Wheet Wheet!" wasn't a battle cry that worked too well for him.  I would have gone with "GOT A MACE FOR YOUR FACE!" or something to that effect.

See you tomorrow!

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