Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Superman vs. Not Hitler, Round Two!

We're really getting back into the swing of things with Superman #155:

The planet of blind people has a zoo?  Is it a petting zoo?  Because that creature didn't look very cuddly to me.  I don't know, but it seems like if you can't observe the animals, it's not worth it to have a zoo.  I love animals, but they don't always smell so good.

Anyway, Superman is on a planet that....

.... holy jumping heck, that's Hitler!

He's supposed to be some other guy, but I believe the evidence of my own eyes, folks.

Anyway, NOT Hitler (making his second appearance) decides to fight Superham by doing this:

Which is actually a pretty good idea.  And I can't argue with success.  So I reluctantly give you props, Not Hitler, for your clever trap.

Anyway, the planet is enslaved by Not Hitler.  They have to work on some mysterious construction project, toiling away and suffering without end.

Oh, cripes.  Now, Superman is Moses.  Yeesh.

Have you ever seen the original Ten Commandments?  My parents made me sit through that snorefest as a child every dang year when it came on television.  Every dang year.

Moving on, Superman has led the people (while riding on his big mechanical insect-thingie) to an underground cavern:

So, Superman goes to retrieve the seaweed, where he encounters:

Heh.  That's awesome.

Okay.  Superman just killed a giant piece of sushi.  What does he bring back to the people?

The same seaweed crap they've been eating for months while enslaved.  Good thinking, Superham.  You're a man of the people.

Anyway, Superman defeats Not Hitler again and we learn of Not Hitler's scheme behind the big mysterious construction project:

That's one hilarious looking planet.  How would you like to be using the Hubble Telescope and see that thing staring you down?

And then, naturally:

Mind you, these people were toiling to reshape the planet.  But apparently it's okay that they wasted all this manpower and resources as long as they made their planet in Superman's image.  What a tool.

See you tomorrow!


Smurfswacker said...

Seeing this post opened up a vague memory...I swear this story also appeared in the Superman strip carried by our Sunday newspaper. I remember it was drawn by Wayne Boring like this one (even as a kid I could spot Boring's style). Did they cut up the comic book story and repurpose it? Or did they just re-use the script and had Boring draw it twice?

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I look at stories like this one and wonder why Jack Kirby wasn't doing Superman books back then. With Bob Haney writing. Imagine what Hitler Planet would look like!