Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In Which We Take the Low Road

I've got lots of randomness from Superman #165:

Now, how many times has Krypto saved Superman's behind?  MANY.  Does he really need to address his faithful dog in such a manner?  Is it any wonder I love seeing Superman get smacked around.  Treat your pets kindly, folks.

Here's a qualified Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!)

It's qualified because that it isn't funny to us Yankees, but I guarantee you that every British person who just read that panel found that hilarious.  It's my way of thanking British Culture for The Benny Hill Show.

Here's something that caught my eye:

Correct me if I'm wrong (like that's possible), but is that the first time Superman stated he was vulnerable to magic?  Is that the point where the writers officially said, "Okay, we can't have Kryptonite in every story, so let's come up with something else"?  I'm thinking it might be.  If anyone has anything pre-1963 where Superman actually comes right out and acknowledges the vulnerability, thus making it official, give me a shout in the comments.  I'm thinking we found something here.

You know what I learned in this story?

Superman is much more entertaining as a character when he has a mouse's head.

I love that:  "Marry me and I'll stop humiliating you!"  Because our behavior only improves once someone has committed to a relationship with us, right folks?

Hey!  It's time for Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) for all of us! 

That's a pretty tall order.  Am I right, fellas?  Does scratching 'em count?  Because that's really the only way I see this happening.

See?  It's a question of timing.  You only get to make someone miserable after they're in the relationship.  That's how relationships work.

Beloved quit reading this blog years ago.  Can you tell?

Oh, one more Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!)

Wow.  We sure took the low road on our Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) today.  You should probably delete your browser history.

See you tomorrow!

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