Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Which Superman Challenges Your Theological Beliefs and a Guy Wrestles and Octopus

Let's finish up our look at Superman #155!  I know that after yesterday's post, you could hardly imagine there might be more.  But there is!

Here we see that abuse of animals in the Superman universe isn't limited only to those prancing around with a big red "S":

Yeah, beat him up, Rocca!  That'll teach him to... be an octopus.  Or something.

I want you to take a careful look at Mr. Mxyzptlk:

Trust me, it'll matter in a second.

Hercules and Samson were taken from the far distant past?

As in, they both really existed?

There's some serious theological ramifications here, but I know you just want to see Rocca fight 'em.

So, here ya go!

We aims to please here at CMNS.

Okay, remember how I was saying pay attention to Mr. Mxyzptlk earlier?  Here's why:

Wait a minute.  I have many dogs.  NONE of them could pass off as human being.  The body mechanics just don't allow it.  SHENANIGANS!

Oh, yay.  Superman is going to explain stuff.  THAT never gets old!

Look at how bored the criminals are.  They can't wait to get to prison where they don't have to listen to Superham's self-congratulatory monologues.

Hey!  We'll make that a thing!  Self-Congratulatory Monoloagues! (tm!)

And finally:

Well, you could take him now, if you were actually sincere about it.  I mean, if you're time-travelling, you can just return ten seconds later.  That's Superman for you: All kinds of empty promises.  Jerk.

And, by the way... note that Superman confirmed that Samson and Hercules really did exist and are accessible via time-travel.  That's right.  You can't get anything past me.

See you tomorrow!

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