Friday, September 18, 2015

In Which Ma and Pa Kent Die. Yeah, It's Actually Pretty Sad.

Superman Comics #161 was something of a landmark in that it had the tragic death of Ma and Pa Kent:

Yeah, that was a long story.  Basically, the Kents found an old letter in a treasure chest and thought it would be a great story to tell the other ladies at the sewing circle or wherever it is that Ma Kent socializes so Clark took them both back in time.  Apparently if you're a relative of Clark's, you get those kind of perks.  If you aren't, you get an empty promise.

My last words would be, "AVENGE ME!!!!"  Even if I died of old age.  Someone had better avenge me.

Well, of course it wasn't your fault, Clark.  That would mean you made a mistake, and that sure isn't going to be allowed in the DC Universe!

Hmmmmm... I think your "real" parents would include the ones who actually did the legwork and got you to adulthood.  Nice way to minimize everything they did for you, Clark.  You jackass.

And, as happens quite often in Superman Comics, the next ish gives us an imaginary story.  I usually ignore those because those are kind of meant to make no sense, but this part caught my eye:

Wow.  Imaginary or harsh, the publisher of the Daily Planet is way harsh.  It's not cool to post salary matters... especially when you're going out of your way to rub a guy's nose in it.  Rather than just say, "these people are getting a raise," someone thought it was a good idea to mention Clark isn't getting anything but hosed.... just in case someone didn't notice it.  I would imagine turnover is pretty high at the Daily Planet.

See you Monday!


wordsmith said...

The Daily Planet stayed in business for years despite employing only 4 people.

Nathan said...

For the imaginary story, the role of Clark will be played by Charlie Brown.

Captain Blog said...

As the parent of an adopted child, I really get the 'real' parents bit.
You'd be surprised how many rude A-holes actually ask me "Where are his
real parents?"
I won't get on my adoption soapbox but usually, they get an earful.