Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Don't Know Why Being Unable to Lift a Weight Would Make You a Coward...

Hey!  Let's check out Superman at the Interplanetary Olympics:

Waitasec.... didn't we just see this?

Yes.  We did.  In Action Comics.  Superham did such a terrible job the first time, I'm surprised they invited him back.  The funny thing is, Supes had no recollection of being brought to a previous Interplanetary Olympics... and I'm guessing the creative staff at Action Comics was hoping the readership had forgotten this as well.  If you're going to recycle plot ideas, you should at least go to Superman's other title.

But this time around, there was animal cruelty.  How quickly can you beat up a captive creature?  Let's find out!:

As opposed as I am to the whole concept of smacking around animals and calling it a sporting event, I have to say that Superman really drew the easy match on this one.  A giant clam?  You can't handle a giant clam?

Enough of this.  Time for some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

And here's one from Action Comics #299 that I had totally missed, but it didn't escape the eagle-eyes of contributor Robert Gilles:

Oh, my.  HOW did I miss that?

See you tomorrow!

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