Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Puppeteer and His... Whatever That Bird Is.

One thing my look at Golden Age Blue Beetle comics (in this case, issue #46) has proven is how many characters that I, a comic book nerd of over forty years now, have never heard of.

Such is the case with the Puppeteer:

Not surprisingly considering the chest emblem, he was known in other appearances as "Captain V."  Why was he called the Puppeteer?  Because the man liked puppets.  Yes, that is the only reason.

Further identity issues came from his bald eagle sidekick whom everyone referred to as a raven:

Yeah, he's got a black body, and I'm no ornithologist, but that sure looks more like an eagle than a raven.  Anyway, the eagle raven plays Beethoven's Fifth symphony on that magic organ in the back of the Puppeteer's puppet shop, and it gives him super-powers.

You may now insert your own "magic organ" joke here.  My own preference is: "I have a magic organ."  "That's what HE said!"

This is Beethoven's Fifth, by the way.

Well, this is Beethoven's Fifth performed disco-style.  I can't give you the real version because that would introduce a lot more class to this blog than I would feel comfortable with.

Anyway, Alan Hale is his secret ID before he becomes the "all powerful Puppeteer."

His powers basically were super-strength  and flying through something called a V-Beam that seemed to originate from nowhere in particular.

His only known weakness was apparently a kick to the 'nards:

I mean, it wouldn't take him out of the fight like one might assume, but it's obviously very jarring.

Yeah, I don't blame you.  Getting kicked in the 'nards once would be plenty for me.

See you tomorrow! 


MarvelX42 said...

His costume is actually pretty cool, except for the striped underwear on the outside.

Green Luthor said...

Alan Hale? Man, he really let himself go by the time Gilligan's Island came around...

Aaron Carine said...

I imagine they lifted it from the other Alan Hale(father of the skipper), who was a was a pretty well known actor in the '30s and the '40s.

Aaron Carine said...

I stuttered.

Unknown said...

To be fair, a kick to the nards is the weakness of pretty much every male.