Thursday, May 15, 2014

They'll Never Suspect this Insignificant Creature of Being the Blue Beetle!

Okay, so I'm up to the Golden Age Blue Beetle #31, and things have taken a really strange turn.

Well, ... before we get into that, there's this:

Uh - oh!  Joan's on the phone!  We know what that means!

Oh, Joan... Stay off the phone! (tm!)

Now back to the Beetle.  He's picked up a lot of weird gadgets and powers.

First, he seems to have picked up a liquid that shrinks you down to nonexistence:

And then we have this:

What?  Is the Blue Beetle from the planet Durla?

I'll wait while you Google that.

And the process is reversible, of course.  At will:

Yeah, I think I've heard enough too.  But we're not finished!


And when you're finished wondering where the Blue Beetle got that power, let's ask ourselves why Joan, whether she got the instruction or not, develops the physical abilities right off the bat.  Just like that, the Blue Beetle turned her into the freakin' Taskmaster.

My head hurts.  Moving on.

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Still not complaining, but do Joan's clothes end up get up being reduced to revealing scraps in every story?

MarvelX42 said...

Tracer Bullet said...

Can Blue Beetle's powers explain why Joan's eyes appear to belong to two different women?