Friday, July 26, 2013

With Yul Brynner - Like Flesh-Tones!

Sorry for the late post, but my electricity finally kicked on and I've been trying to catch up with life.  

Here's some fun from All-Flash Quarterly #31:

The penalty for trespassing is death?  Where are we - Florida?

Too soon?

This was kind of cool:

Yeah, they'd never let that fly in schools these days, but I would have loved a pencil case shaped like a pistol.  As an adult, though, I can see how that might be just a tad disruptive with every boy in your classroom pointing fake pistols at each other all day long.

Here's something that caught my eye from Strange Space Adventures #76:

I'm sure "skinhead" wasn't the same thing back in the day, but doesn't this guy's expression give you the impression that he's a hate crime waiting to happen?  Creep-EEEEE!

See you Monday!


gummboote said...

"The pencil case for real he-men." I didn't know there was such a thing.

Vince Coleman said...

...because He-Man needs a case for his pencils and eraser, just like everyone else.

I totally want one of those now! One for me, and one for my boy. They would be so awesome!

There are a lot of cool things about living in the 2010s instead of the 1970s like I used to, but not having pistol shaped pencil cases is definitely NOT one of them!