Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now With More "Interest-Absorbing" Properties Thursday!

There was no way I could avoid checking out an "interest-absorbing" character, although my interest was more absorbed by the term "interest-absorbing" than anything else.

So, this be him, and his sidekick "Rusty":

Yes, Rusty was right up there with Bucky and Tim and countless other sidekicks who wore masks but went by their real names.  

Flagman wasn't overly interesting, but I don't know what someone with the powers of a flag would really be able to do, other than hang onto a pole and flap in the wind for a really long time.  I can't imagine that would sell a lot of comics, which is why you may not be overly familiar with the character.

Oh, he wrestled a shark once, so there's that:

And apparently, he won't think twice about shoving a branding iron in your face:

So, I suppose he had his moments.  My interest was sufficiently absorbed, so I'm not going to scream "shenanigans!" or anything.

Anyway, let's check out Cat Man #5:

And by "rat," I mean that mustache.  Aren't there grooming standards in the military?

Anyway, the Colonel has no idea who Cat Man is, so he follows Lt. Merrywether's advice of placing a classified ad.  Which, you see, is a clever ruse because Merrywether is the Cat Man! 

Eh?  Eh?

Here's a brilliant cover so that Cat Man can do his thing without getting dishonorably discharged:

Why, that's an unusual request, Cat Man!  I can't imagine why Merrywether would need a leave of absence while you are on your mission, but I'll take your word for it.  Gosh, Cat Man, I wonder who you could be, you mysterious stranger?

So, are you still hanging on?  Good for you!

This particular issue of Cat Man (#5) was all kinds of noteworthy because it introduced his sidekick, Kitten:

Yes, the man hung out with a teenage girl and called her "Kitten."  Nothing creepy about that.

I would also remind everyone that the Colonel doesn't know Merrywether is the Cat Man, yet Katie (who was now Merrywether's "Ward,"  just walked in the room and revealed her own secret identity.  You pretty much have to draw the conclusion that the Colonel finally put two and two together if he hadn't already.  Then again, maybe the Colonel was too busy grooming his mustache to notice or care.  

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

Kitten went from being a cute little 11 year-old to a rather busty 18-19 year-old in less than a year.
MEOW-W-W indeed!

And if you think that's creepy,one of the backup strips "The Deacon" featured a character dressed as a priest who hung out with, and I quote, "...his boyfriend, Micky Mathews."

Adam Barnett said...

Yeah, I've seen some of The Deacon, Britt... it's just hard for me to know where to begin!

Lazarus Lupin said...

They missed a bet here with flag man. For someone so "interest-absorbing" his sidekick should have been named "Interest-Absorbing Jr," they could then tag him as "He'll make you feel sore all over!"

Lazarus Lupin
art and review

Prospero said...

What is going on with Catman's pants in that one panel?

D.B. Echo said...

I would expect a character like "The Flagman" to maybe direct traffic around accidents and construction sites. "Slow down! You heard me! SLOW DOWN!!!" He should have just stuck with "Major Hornet," which also has the advantage of sounding somewhat rude.

What's the story behind the color scheme of those bricks? It looks like The Flagman just interrupted a life-sized game of Breakout, or maybe Tetris.

Nathan said...

I have to wonder if there's any connection between Lee Merriwether playing Catwoman and Cat Man's name being Merrywether.