Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey, Everyone! Look at MEEEEEE! I'm the Super Super Super Superboooooooy! Thursday!

When you do a blog like this one, you have to expect that others in the industry may not get the joke and try not to dignify you by acknowledging your existence. So today, we go with a comics-related post, with scans courtesy of LP Cover Lover:

While the cover is about as bland and unobjectionable as it can be, the song itself is painful. And yet, it's the perfect theme song for Superboy Prime.

Scroll down this page and you'll find the song. If you listen to the whole thing, it'll be like you were a survivor of intense physical trauma and it'll be a bonding moment.

Hey, everyone! Look at meeeeeee! I'm the Super Super Super Super Booooooooy!

Hey, there's something kind of familiar about this:

Whoever was responsible for the album cover must have been equal parts lazy and with balls of steel for the obvious "copy and re-color" job here. That looks like a Gil Kane Green Lantern to me. Of course, after Blackest Night, the "stinger" probably looks just like some character in Green Lantern Corps.

So, place your bets:

Do we think Marvel Comics licensed this? It looks very suspicious to me, particularly because of the lack of hyphen in the "Spider-Man" name.

But while I'm not sure about the last one, this one looks like it didn't have anyone's blessing:

... but you know what? I'll bet it did, because as you can see in the top left corner, it was a CBS release. Had it been some no-name label, I'd be much more inclined to think they were just ducking DC's legal department.

Hey! It's Judo Boy!:

I don't know who Judo Boy was, either, but I thought it funny because of the limited entertainment value involved in just hearing judo moves. Then again, I bought a lot of those Power Records, where you would just hear wooshing and punching noises, so what do I know?

Hmmmmmm... If you don't have DC Comics' permission, but God says to do it:

Yeah, I'll leave that one for the courts to decide. This is the kind of thing that keeps Childhood Pal Scotty in business.

Hey! It's Asian Catwoman!:

Say what you will, she still looks more like Catwoman than Halle Berry did.

And here's a cover where a guy seems to be playing trumpet with his butt:

Okay, that had nothing to do with comics, but I thought it was funny.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That Spider-man one has "Likenesses thereof" written ALL over it. Well, not literally written all over it, but you know what I mean. I say it's a court case.

I want to know what powers "Gipsy Man" had (on the "Super Boy" album).


Britt Reid said...

I suspect the artist for "The Stinger" was told to get a Green Hornet image and modify it.
He looked at a drugstore or candy store comic rack, saw Green Lantern, and thought; "close enough".
(There weren't any new Green Hornet comics until January of 1967 and there weren't any comic shops or the Internet in the mid-60s.)
Three trivia notes...
1) Johnny "Hammond" Smith was a jazz musician.
Interesting how many 60s superhero/spy-themed albums were jazz-oriented.
2) There was a "sequel" album The Stinger Meets the Golden Thrush
3) When Green Hornet tv series licensing art was commissioned, the artist was Green Lantern's Gil Kane!

The Spider-Fan site has info on the Freddie McCoy album...
And, surprise, it's a jazz album!

The Asian Catwoman cover is KOOL!
Can anyone translate it?

Judo Boy was an early-60s anime series. I don't think it was syndicated here in the US. (I never saw it as a kid in NYC, and I looked at everything on after-school and Saturday morning tv at least once!)

I note the Batmen cover has German text, so I suspect it was never released here in the US.

Anonymous said...

Asian Catwoman is Chinese. The first two lines are "Lady Thief: Black Stray Cat". My Chinese is not good enough to decode much more.

Unknown said...

Since no one commented on pic # 8...
"Le Petomane" [Joseph Pujol, 1857-1945], a famous French entertainer, could actually play "La Marseillaise" on the ocarine in the way Adam supposes. Perhaps the guy on the cover is just deciding whether to use the mute or not ?

Anonymous said...

A butt trumpet, *and* the exciting sounds of Roy Eldridge laying down some some serious collating? SOLD!