Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Win a Live Monkey! Tuesday

No, I'm not giving away a monkey. There is a surprisingly short list of animals that should be pets, IMHO, and a monkey just ain't one of 'em. But we'll get to that.

The ninth issue of Daredevil had an obligatory text story starring Crimebuster (I'm sorry: "THE Crimebuster"). Thusly:

The only Crimebuster I ever knew about was the one from Marvel Comics in the The Man Called Nova series, but in doing a little research, these stories are surprisingly badass.

I say "surprisingly" because of the monkey sidekick and the fact that he's clearly wearing shorts over his leggings as opposed to skintight trunks, which is usually only reserved for characters who are spoofing the genre. Of course, I'm totally finding those issues and will be checking that out for myself.

Meanwhile, you can win a monkey!:

Yes, all it takes to win an amorous monkey is go back to the 1940's and come up with a name for him. I'm sure the onslaught of monkey-related domestic assaults in the 1940's were purely coincidental.

Hey! It's time for a Moment of Comic Book Greatness(tm!)!

Can't you just see Mike on one of those "Waiting Child" things they put on the news, where they're trying to find adoptive homes for children? Mike is an active child with special needs, who is very honest and expressive about his feelings....

I know - if there was any chance I was going to win one of those blog awards, I totally blew it right there. It was totally worth it.

One thing in the 1940's:

If someone had a story to tell, you were gonna listen. We don't put kids in wrestling holds enough these days. I think we ought to bring that back, along with phrases like "He's just a Good-Time Charlie."

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

I'm just amazed you could get published in a kids' comic when your name was Dick Wood...

David said...

I just keep picturing a kid somewhere trying to explain away the monkey that just came to the house special delivery: "Oh, didn't I tell you, Mom? I entered a contest..."

Britt Reid said...

"I'm just amazed you could get published in a kids' comic when your name was Dick Wood..."

From the early 1900s to the 50s, a "dick" was a detective, either private or government.
Dick Tracy was going to be called "Plainclothes Tracy", but making Richard Tracy "Dick Tracy" served a double purpose!

CrimeBuster's costume is actually his school hockey team uniform (C = Custer Military Academy) with his cadet's cape-coat attached!

Who sez comics ain't educational?

Justin Garrett Blum said...

The shorts over tights look took a long hiatus until the 1980s when it was adopted by women as exercise attire.

Aaron said...

Look how much the monkey loves Daredevil! Now I definitely want one!

LissBirds said...

As someone who works with kids, I can't agree more with the wrestling holds comment. I think I would've liked the 1940's a LOT.