Monday, September 13, 2010

Your Husband Isn't Working - He's DEAD! Monday!

So we're at Daredevil #43, and the cover promised two full-length Daredevil stories, as was the case with every issue. But I started to notice that one thing was missing from these Daredevil stories: Daredevil.

Sure, there was a Random Slap (tm!), which is always good readin':

And even some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue(tm!):

Yes, there was indeed some classic CMNS fodder in there, so it's not that I'm complaining. It's just kind of weird that you can go through two full-length Daredevil stories and not see Daredevil. And it's not like this was some "Very Special Issue" or anything.

Wait! Hold on! I see something!:

While Becky's technical skills were exceptional, it was her poor customer service that ruined her career with AT&T.

I'm sorry, where was I? Oh, yes.

When the characters in the comic itself are saying things in the title are being a little dry, it's time to pull the alarm. Although I do give them points for self-awareness.

Hold it! Here comes another!:

Bart was very hardcore in his support of Daylight Savings Time, and Becky dared not defy him.

Eventually, Becky would move to Arizona, where she would never have to adjust her clock again. Nor would she have to acknowledge Martin Luther King Day.

Wow, I'm getting awfully distracted today, but the panels just keep popping out at me.

Anyway, someone clearly realized that perhaps the title had gone off track, and thus:


And I've realized that I have a bunch of Daredevil issues, so I'm going to be reading them out of order. Normally, that would be confusing for all of us, but considering what I've read so far, I doubt we'll even notice.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hot diggety dog! I'm loving this blog!

Britt Reid said...

Before Green Lantern/Green Arrow...the FIRST socially-relevant superhero title.
Give Charles Biro credit, he tried something different, and it sold well.
To his credit, it ran 130 issues, the last 50 or so without the title character appearing at all!
Let's see Marvel or DC do THAT! ;-)

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Judging by Adam's reviews, it seems as though DC got away with publishing reams of DETECTIVE COMICS without any actual detective work featuring in them. Batman could hardly be called a detective when he was fighting space dinosaurs every month. It's subtle, but I'd say that's equally as misleading as publishing a Daredevil comic without Daredevil.