Thursday, May 27, 2010

You're Quite a Load Thursday!

Here's a little glimpse of Lois Lane's body issues, courtesy of Showcase v1 #9:

At first, I thought Lois needed some serious therapeutic intervention.

Then I remembered this post. And I also remembered that Superman is a colossal douche.

Female vanity is a gold mine to get around writer's block. There is hilarity, because fat people are always causing cars to collapse:

and even Superman isn't above making comments about a woman's weight:

Keep in mind, we've seen Superman of that era lift up entire buildings. He was clearly just being a jackass. Again.

Ah, that's entertainment! Thanks, Lois Lane v1 #5! Making fun of obese people is always a good read, don't you think?

So all things considered, Lois should indeed hop on the scale every time Superman seems to be giving her the brush-off. Lesson learned, girls?

See you tomorrow!


Zocktastic said...

I have only one thing to say to this:


Geez! Why didn't Superman just brush her off by saying "I'm sorry Lois, but I'm a colossal dick!" At least that would've been honest. Then again, knowing Lois, that might've just made her more interested.

Duy said...
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Duy said...

Ahhh, fat jokes. How awesome.

Adam, I really like your site and I'd like to ask if I could backlink it on my blog (you can see it on my profile), if that's okay with you. If it is, I'd like to be presumptuous and ask if I could get a link back as well. If not, I completely understand, but either way, thanks for your time!