Monday, May 24, 2010

My Mind Has Been Blown Monday!

It's not that I go out of my way looking for mistakes. I understand we're talking about comics here.

But come on! See if you see the artist's goober:

Considering the escape involved ripping Batman's gloves to shreds, you would think that the artist, or the inker, or the colorist, or the letterer, or the editor might have noticed he shouldn't be wearing them when he emerges from the trap. Believe me, if I noticed, it's a substantial mistake because I'm an inattentive person.

Hey, kids! Comics!

And I have no idea what any of them mean. Now my head hurts. Was this the most stream-of-consciousness thing ever or am I just getting old? Probably both.

There is no way this was as bitchin' as it should have been:

A BB machine gun. If this was half as "deadly" as it indicated, it would have been owned by every boy ever.

It's probably a huge disappointment. But I still want one. See you tomorrow!


Aurora Moon said...

Maybe Batman had a couple of spare gloves? :p

BrittReid said...

As Aurora Moon said...
Spare gloves.
Batman knows he can't leave fingerprints anywhere lest his secret identity be discovered, so...spare gloves!

And, you're not too old to understand the Rube Goldberg're TOO YOUNG! ;-)

kq said...

The first pic got me. If Batman is laying flat why is he pictured sitting up?

okieqt said...

I'm just glad to see an explanation of the last Batman/Robin frame. It's a bit disturbing by itself. Just looks like they're coming out of a room....after an encounter....that left him weak at the knees....oh my

J. L. Bell said...

“Holy handwear, Batman! If you had a pair of spare gloves, why didn’t you throw those into the fan instead of the pair you had on?“


“I said, why—”

“I’m Batman.”

Tom K Mason said...

I'll be checking eBay for the BB Machine Gun from now until the day I die.

And maybe we're supposed to prefer Marjorie to Anna, but a woman with a sock for a hat, a weird red earring, and a bad case of man-face loses to any chorus girl who "whirls and bends." Anna's workin' it, but Marjorie needs a lot of work.

Max said...

Forget the gloves....Thing is, unless I am totally off, the propellers are made to suck air IN and blow it across the wing, right? So how is it even sucking him and his cape in the other direction? So, even given that maybe somehow the propeller was set to reverse, There was a vent right next to them where Robin was standing. If the propeller was powerful enough to be sucking Batman towards it the wind coming out of that vent would have been force gale. THEN Batman didn't have ANYTHING on his utility belt to throw into the propeller? Being that it was set to reverse it woud have sucked it right in and he would have little to no risk of anything flying back his direction if the blades broke.

Allergy said...

You don't like his magically appearing replacement gloves? Blame it on Wilbur.

Don't understand why a midget would mistake popcorn for snow? Blame it on Wilbur.

Fully automatic BB rifle suck worse than advertised? get the idea.

Patrick said...

Wow, that Rube Goldberg page really is incomprehensibly random, and not in a funny way.. Goldberg is certainly a famous name from the newspaper strips of that era though. So either tastes in comedy have REALLY changed (I don't think so - Marx Brothers are still funny, and so is the Thin Man) or he just didn't bring his A-game from the strips to the books.

Or maybe we're just missing some in-joke? Could this be post-modern humor 60 years before its time?