Monday, May 3, 2010

That Stupid Bat-Shaped Diamond Badge Monday!

Back in the day, I think the folks who made comics underestimated just how pathetic enthusiastic fanboys were going to be about comics. They wrote self-contained stories that generally didn't require much knowledge about what had gone on the previous fifty issues in order to understand what was going on. They probably assumed that comics were for children and as such, continuity didn't really matter.

That being said, remember this post I did on Batman's Badge? That was from Detective Comics #70.

The following is from Detective Comics #95:

Yes, two years after Batman is shown with the badge, he is awarded the badge.

As a child, that would have driven me bananas.

Oh, but it doesn't end there:

Of course, that's exactly what he did the last time we saw that stupid badge.

In theory, I don't begrudge anyone for going to a previous method. I'm the guy who will use the same weapon in a video game over and over simply because I don't argue with success. But doesn't this seem like cheating just a bit?

Okay, no. I've seen it twice already, and I already made fun of it the first time. Although I did like the twist of him wearing the badge over his insignia. I like my brooding, obsessed vigilantes to have a bit of sparkle to them.

See you tomorrow!


Jeff Overturf said...

You can have up to 15 pieces of jazz on your uniform! at least that's what's recommended!

Allergy said...

This Batman, who makes long-winded speeches at every opportunity (or at least every week or whatever), suddenly can't think of anything to say? How about a brief on moral hygiene or something?

Also, why "surreptitiously"? Was Bats embarrassed of his badge? If so, why wear it on his chest??

Sea-of-Green said...

Just think of all the Gotham City taxpayer money that went into paying for that stupid badge for a millionaire super-hero.

Here's hoping all the money came from Bruce and he ended up paying for his own badge! ;-)

SallyP said...

A diamond studded badge, eh? Did they ever give Superman something like that?

I'm assuming that after he used the diamonds to cut himself free, he either sold them off to pay for gas for the Batmobile, or they were stolen by Catwoman.

D.B. Echo said...

"I really don't know what to say...but I'll try to work it into my nightly lecture."

Bat-Bling: It was funny then, and it's still funny now. I would love to see that badge show up in the Batcave.

Superman was supposed to get a similar badge, but unfortunately it was studded with this pretty green rock...

Nathan said...

Superman could make his own out of a piece of coal.