Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You are a Peach for My Whiskers Wednesday!

Sometimes I finish a comic and have a few random scans left over. They don't really fit together, other than it's a pleasant surprise - kind of like when you find those random fries in the bottom of the hamburger bag that had fallen out.

So, here are some remaining nuggets from Crack Comics #41:

I'm not sure what that meant back in the day, but please don't ever call a woman a "peach for your whiskers." That can't possibly end well.

I love these Charles Atlas ads because of the multiple Random Slap(s)! (tm!):

Um.... Mr. Atlas, I realize you're paying for the add, but you are totally blocking the shot there.

Joe is fed up with being a weakling! So he's going to go home and knock over a lamp!

I have yet to see one of these ads where a lamp wasn't knocked over. These ads were probably underwritten by the lamp industry.

Unlike most other Atlas ads, Joe doesn't sock his foe in the mug. Instead.....

That's right! Slappity-slap-slap-slap! You'll take a bitch-slap from a he-man and you'll like it! Slappo!


I know how to play chess, but I'm not a big fan and I'm not very good at it. This is probably because I have the attention span of a hummingbird. But that, my friends, is bitchin'.

But just to make it more interesting, I'd want it to start every match with an intro like from Batman Beyond:

Also quite bitchin'.

I have the Justice League Monopoly set. I never actually got to go to a WB store before AOL decided that nothing that cool could continue to exist, but I love the few things I have from there. It's probably just as well. Beloved is a bit more patient when I confine all of my comic-related things to one room. It's the same room where she has stored doll-house furniture in the original box for the last twelve years for no reason, so it's kind of a Room of Tolerance. We don't speak of it.

See you tomorrow!


Jeff Overturf said...

There's a quiet beauty in those "Rooms of Tollerance".

Duy said...

Sweet chess set. DC has a ridiculous one I've seen around with the Bat-family on one side (with a cop as a pawn), and the rest of the Justice League on the other (with Kyle Rayner as the pawns). There's an uneven match if I've ever seen one.

Adam Barnett said...

I saw that one, Duy, and I agree.... a swing and a miss. Otherwise, I would have been all over it. With the kind of Rogues Gallery Bats has, there was no excuse for it.

And that 3-D rooftop motif board on the Spider-Man set! I'm not a huge Spider-Man fan, but that was done right!

Aurora Moon said...

that chest set is totally awesome.
and I loved watching Batman beyond when I was younger...

god, that TV show rocked.

Rose said...

I think that if those poor poor men think that woman is attractive good for them with a face like that she'd have to have a blind boyfriend.

I deeply love Batman Beyond in other words, a very great part of which has to deal with that intro.

Duy said...

Hi Adam. What's funny is that I know someone who thinks that if it really came down to it, the Gotham guys would win, just because "It has Batman." I also don't need to point out the slight creepiness of Batman being the king and Batgirl being the queen, yes? (There's the ONE and ONLY part where Batman Beyond failed for me. Otherwise, it was probably my favorite of the animated shows next to Justice League.)

J.A. said...
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