Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank Goodness I was Wearing My Cowboy Hat Friday!

I know.... you're fondly remembering U.S.1 and wishing I were back to that, aren't you?

Apparently all of the entertainment value had been milked from the core team by the first issue because they were expanding the roster by issue two:

Wrench and Cowboy never got their own action figures, so I'm not sure what the point was. I mean, the whole series was just an ad for the Ideal line of toys, so I'm not sure where they were going from there. In any respect, I question just how effective a cowboy hat is as a crash helmet. I'm not a Department of Transportation safety expert by any means, I just don't see that the felt hat is going to keep your brains from spilling out of your head if you happen to miss while you're leaping around, which we've already established Team America loves to do.

It's also noteworthy how Cowboy introduces himself:

As you know, I live in Oklahoma, and this is a very typical way we greet one another. By lassoing them from behind. It's also a courting ritual if you happen to know the object of your affection is into that sort of thing.

But you know what makes you popular? Playing Boogie-Woogie on the piano:

This ad pretty much covers it all. If people don't like your piano playing, you can either beat them until they do or you can resort to hypnotism. Either way, a career in vaudeville is yours for the taking!

See you Monday!


Anonymous said...

What the heck is that contraption on the cover? Are T.A. being chased by a guy on a pogo-stick?

Zocktastic said...

U.S.1? Oh Adam. For shame! You mean Team America, don't you? If not, then when did they switch from freight vehicles to motorcycles?

Anonymous said...

Mechanic was added because Wolf isn't a Pit Crew. Didn't you read Issue #1?