Friday, July 31, 2009

Get Yer Hands Off'n My Woman Friday!!!

Why, these must be the World's Finest Comics! Know why? Because it says so, right on the cover!

Watch the hands, Bruce. We live in a very litigious society.

Sacre Bleu! C'Est Le Superman!

Now, why you'd leave France where the most super-powered guy is "Milord Justice," and go where the guy who is bulletproof lives, I don't know.

Hey, Kids! Gum!

Have fun with gum! And thinly-veiled racism!

See you Monday!


SallyP said...

I love how Superman is standing there holding up an entire derailed train car, but it takes BOTH Batman and Robin to pick up and "save" a nubile 110 pound Blonde.

Anonymous said...

"Thinly veiled"? If that African stereotype were any more overt, the Double Bubble kids would be wearing white sheets.