Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bowing Out Gracefully Wednesday!

No, CMNS isn't going anywhere. I plan on doing this blog long after I should. I mean, they keep putting Bill Engvall in movies and on television, so why should I go anywhere?

No, instead, we are looking at the short, pitiful initial attempt of Tigra's to be an Avenger. It seemed to me like this was a longer stint, but I guess it just seemed like it was forever.

But I give her props for self-awareness:

While I discount "useful" moments like these:

If all we're looking for is someone to fit in a small opening, that could be accomplished with a chihuahua, who would probably complain less.

But even though it may have looked good on paper, the powers that be decided there was just no way she could keep up with her super-powered compatriots:

That's sound reasoning, but the Beast, who was on roughly the same raw power level as Tigra, lasted for years and years. Heck, the Black Panther, who has no real powers at all, made it longer than Tigra. For that matter, I think Rick Jones toughed it out for a longer stint. When you've been pantsed by Rick Jones, you've really got to evaluate your situation.

But, if nothing else, we have Dale Evans riding an elephant:

Yeah, I know. Get your own blog. I'm not stopping you.

See you tomorrow!


Elie said...

That's Tigra in the first panel? Her hair and face are totally different!

SallyP said...

Oh Tigra. You started out as such an interesting character, but boy howdy, did you go downhill fast. And you haven't been particularly well handled even recently.

It's hard to find someone who could be even more annoying than the Wasp, but somehow you've managed it.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Now Paul Tobin knows how to use Tigra. Just pick up a copy of Marvel Adventures: The Avengers with her in it, and you'll see how the mainline writers should be writing her.

SUBZERO said...

Man, if I was an Avenger I would probably be even more useless than Tigra. But different than her I would have no problem taking the money.

I mean that Tony Stark guy´s filthy rich and by what I have seen he´s not the nicest guy. Just watch how he bosses his bodyguard around.

And it´s not like the Avengers have a retirement plan. Just ask Jack of Hearts, Swordsman or Ant - Man ( Scott Lang ) how it worked out for them. In my opinion Tigra did the only reasonable thing : take the money and run.

As an Avenger you´re just a moving target and the sooner you are out there ( AFTER cashing in your paycheck ) the better.

What doesn´t make any sense is that Tigra came back risking to get killed or bitch slapped by the Red Hood. It´s like the guys from MOONS OF MARS coming back to get killed by zombies after they have gotten away. Why, Tigra ? Why ?

Anonymous said...

She ain't no Hellcat, that's for sure.

Tracer Bullet said...

Yeah, but I'd hit it. I'm a perv.

David said...

Wow, not a lot of Tigra love, huh? And usually girls with furry behinds are so popular...