Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Museum Pieces Wednesday!

When is the last time you checked out World's Finest #63? Well, neighbor, that's too long!

You know, if you get your friends to brag about you in exchange for doing the same, you're still bragging. I'm just saying.

Let's check in on Green Arrow and his young ward:

Wow. Speaking of museum pieces, Roy's looking pretty rough for a teenager there. I'd say we can mark this as the official date we started suspecting him of having that little heroin problem.

I'm weaponless... unless I pick my arrows up off the floor! They're still all in the quiver, but it's on the floor and I'll have to bend over and even though I have my bow it's an awful long way down to the floor and it might be easier just to dodge this guy's shots until HE runs out of arrows and then maybe I could throw my bow at him because my arrows are on the floor and there's probably lint on the feathers now because that floor looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a while...

And now, just so you can be amazed by what used to constitute entertainment:

There are six pictures on that "television," and I don't care how hilarious the cartoon is, I'm prepared to guess it gets a little stale after a while. I'd love to see one of these things in person, though.

Not that they had spell-check back in the day....

but it wouldn't have caught this anyway. I'll bet a lot of 6 year olds were giggling at that little typo!

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Poor Ollie. Too bad he doesn't have an arrow that could pick up his quiver FOR him.

That Face! said...

I've been caught arrowless many a time.

Allergy said...

Notice how it's the Daily Planet that has the Superman story, even. That's, like, double nepotism or something.

Lights up! Like biggest, costliest television sets! Not like the cheapest, smallest TVs, which, um... remain dark.