Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CMNS Loves Health Care Reform Wednesday!

Health care reform is certainly a big discussion these days. And it seems like the most openly religious folks are the ones most opposed. I did a little read-through on the subject, and learned that most uninsured American families have at least one full-time worker. That being the case, I presume that these people think Jesus wants the working lower class to go without medical care. I put that up on my personal Facebook page, and you'd be surprised the veritable sh!tstorm of responses you'll get.

But I know one thing about health care. You don't want to see this guy from Batman #42!:

That's one heck of a diagnosis there, House! What tipped you off? The fact that the man told you he can't see anything?

Ah, let's get away from politics with a hilarious Peanuts strip from 1953:

Boy, Charles Schultz had a bit of an edge to him back in the day! That's good stuff!

And here's a few helpful tips courtesy of Team America #6 so you can honestly tell your parents this site is educational:

Of course, if you're reading comic books, especially anything as lame as Team America, you probably can't watch an episode of Knight Rider without hurting yourself. Thanks for thinking so highly of us, though!

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

But Doctor,how can you tell that from my prostrate exam?

Anonymous said...

Honcho only uses exclamation points when he's talking! What if he asks a question? That's the one exception! You should check it out! I'm feeling sleepy!

David said...

You pick on Bruce Wayne's doctor, but who's the bigger dope here? Bruce made the journey all the way into the doctor's office unable to see a thing, and yet he's flummoxed by the diagnosis. "BLIND?"

Allergy said...

Honcho's last pose, there, is the funniest thing I have seen all day.

I want to go to my optometrist's office and start yelling "No! No! I can't see anything!" and see what they do.

Anonymous said...

Yes Bruce, gulp easy.