Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pounding the Alfalfa Tuesday!

The cruel reality:

If you have skin problems, you aren't even allowed to go to the Prom. And he's so unpopular, even his sister doesn't get invited to things. That's one harsh town! Although, in their defense, those are some pretty terrifying blackheads!

More on Guardian-Ward questions courtesy of the Human Torch and Toro:

I don't know what kind of movie they went to, or why Toro is so ready to "pound the alfalfa," or what it even means to "pound the alfalfa." But the whole thing sounds kinda wrong.

Okay, remember a time back where we looked at Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson sleeping in the same bed? As you pointed out in the comments, you could probably see some daylight there, so it might have been two twin beds pushed inappropriately close together. It's still kinda ewwww, but anything is mitigating in that kind of situation.

But I double-dog dare you to try and explain this:

Other than the fact that the Torch is an android, I'm thinking we've got a Child Welfare situation going on here, because they are clearly sleeping in the same bed.

See you tomorrow!


Dave said...

"Pound" = "hit"
"Alfalfa" = "hay"

"Pound the alfalfa" = "hit the hay"

Just another example of slang that's longer than the phrase it replaces.

SallyP said...

Oh I think they're doing more than just hitting the hay.

Wink, wink, nudge nudge.

Zocktastic said...

Sorry for being such a nit-picker with the beds, Adam. But you're right, even having two seperate beds that close is quite creepy. And this is even creepier! Could the writers in those days not conceive of an alternate situation for two people to talk? Too much effort, probably. I wonder if Werham ever realized these guys were just lazy?

"Boy, I can't wait to beat up that annoying kid with the cowlick from Lil' Rascals!"

Anonymous said...

The 1940s comics are, obviously, nearly seventy years old now. They were written, in large part, by people who grew up in a time where it was not uncommon for men/brothers in large families to have to share a bed.

Anonymous said...

Ain't that always the way...You finish pounding the alfalfa and just want to roll over and get some sleep, but no, he's gotta talk about "his day".

Elie said...

Not fair for "Sis" to blame "Bro" for her social woes - looks like her own blackheads are just as scary!

Allergy said...

I'm trying to think of any way that having a girl show up would make that last panel any better for a child.