Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Knew It was Coming Sooner or Later Tuesday!

Brace yourself:

From Avengers v1 #98:

It's not like Hawkeye's old costume was making any big fashion statements, what with the purple goes with dark blue - it does, it does! motif.

But not only is the man no longer wearing a mask, which he did even when he was Goliath, the man is clearly wearing no pants.

Picture it with me, won't you?: An editorial meeting at Marvel Comics. New York City. A major plot twist on one of their flagship titles.

Hey, let's bring Hawkeye back!

Cool! You know what would be even cooler?

What's that?

If he had no pants!

Har, har! Quit kiddin' around! Stan will NEVER let us get away with that!

Just sketch something and show it to him with a straight face. See what he does!

And the rest is history. Mind you, future versions of Hawkeye's costume had a mask, but I'm not sure how much good it did him at that point. To the Costume Hall of Shame with you, Hawkeye!

What? Art thou still in the room, Rick Jones? Oh, this be awkward. Um.... yes! Yay, verily, I was totally inviting you to come along with me on my quest. That was my intention when I first uttered my plans! It wounds my heart that you have decided not to come along on yonder quest. Truly!

Well gee, Thor, if you want me to come along...

Nay, Rick Jones! I mean.... I can see that your mind hath been made up on this matter, and the son of Odin shall not inconvenience ye any longer. Waiteth not up for me!


Check out the chest emblem:

This pains me because the character is Ares, who is quite bitchin' in the current run of Mighty Avengers.

But that's a bird's foot.

And it doesn't just look like a bird's foot, either. It's a bird's foot.

Yeah, I know - it has talons.

But it's still. A. Bird's. Foot. And that's ridiculous. It just is.

Forgive me, Ares, but allow Hawkeye to show you where the Hall of Shame is. In 30 years, you'll get the love you deserve!

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

What nice legs, go-go boots and mini skirt Hawk-eye has. Not to mention the deep "V" in his halter top! His outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Love your comic relief!!!!

SallyP said...

Well...Hermes gave that shirt to Ares as a joke, never suspecting that he'd actually WEAR it to go out villaining in. Gosh, was his face red!

What IS it with Hawkeye and skirts anyway?

TF said...

It's not Ares's shirt that disturbs me, it's his mouth...

Mike Reeves-McMillan said...

Hawkeye: Do not take costume advice from Hercules. Seriously.