Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do the Shutterbuggin' Thursday!

Hey, hey! I have it on very good authority that Marvel and DC legendary writer Tony Isabella is going to be checking out our little comic book funhouse! That's like Joe Montana coming to watch my flag football game! I've been a fan of Tony's since I was a small tyke, so that's a huge honor.

So, let's check out World's Finest v1 #21. Mostly because I'm pretty sure Tony Isabella had nothing to do with it:

As a concept, Robin should have been a disaster. I mean, you have this creepy guy skulking around the shadows of Gotham City with a kid in tow wearing green shorts and elf shoes. Yet it worked, because we all wished we could have been Robin. You know, we didn't actually want the big responsibilites, but we wanted to be able to swing around on rooftops, go cruising in the Batmobile, and smack the smallest henchman while Batman did the heavy lifting. It was a nice fantasy to have.

But check this out:

This is the kind of disappointment you get when the girl of your dreams finally agrees to go out with you and you learn she swears at inappropriate times and chain smokes. Hey, Bats, if I wanted my adult male role model to make me feel worse about my mistakes, I'll go sit in the same room with my old man. Jerk.

Meet Sam Garth!

Sam Garth takes himself way too seriously as an amateur photographer, Sam does.

Of course, I can't throw stones. I'm proud of this blog, so it's not like I have a life, either. Rock on, Sam!

Hey, Batman! Has your mood picked up yet?

Well, at least now I know it isn't just me. Batman is simply having one of those days.

What's the most happenin' spot in town? Wherever the amateur photographers club meets!:

I'm not surprised the girl is thrilled that someone even slightly less nerdy than the club members showed up. Frankly, I'm impressed they had a girl there at all. It's like that one girl who you spot every so often at the comic shop. Even if you're wearing green shorts and elf shoes, you still have a chance with her over the guys focusing on the Heroclix tournament.

Batman? Feeling any better?

Okay, sure. Hooray for Dick! We'll take that however you meant it.

See you tomorrow!


Seattle Sailor said...

If you have a problem with women who swear at inappropriate times and chain smoke, you can send them my way.

Tracer Bullet said...

Bettie Page did a lot of modeling for amateur camera clubs, so maybe those geeks know something the rest of a don't.

On another note, would Batman and/or Robin have ever accomplished anything if Gotham's landlords and homeowners had bothered to install screens on the windows?

Adam Barnett said...

You know, Tracer, for a city with the crime problem Gotham had, people were pretty dang careless.

Ugh.... don't care for women smoking or swearing. If I wanted that kind of behavior, I'd date a dude.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think Jules Feiffer was right in "the Great Comic Book Heroes," when he wrote than no one wanted to be Robin. Kids identified with Batman.

SallyP said...

That amateur photographer DOES seem to be taking himself a little too seriously. Adam, do you run around in a plaid suit handing out business cards with your name, address and "Professional Blogger" on them?

'Cause I WANT one!

Sea_of_Green said...

What about women who DON'T smoke and say only the occasional naughty word?

Adam Barnett said...

SallyP.... I may just have to come up with cards. Although if I say I'm a professional blogger, I may lose my amateur standing and be prohibited from competing in the Olympics.

Green.... Beloved does say the occasional naughty word, which I have learned to ignore and she, in turn, has reduced her usage considerably over the years. It's just a personal turnoff. I know I work this site a little blue, but I just think women are above that sort of thing.

I know, I know.... it's a double standard.

Nick and Justin said...

...Is it just me, or is Sam Garth well over seven feet tall in that panel where he's running away?

Zach said...

Shut up, Heroclix is awesome. I am a militant fan.

Tony Isabella said...

Fun stuff, Adam. I'll stop by as often as I can.

Allergy said...

Professional Blogger cards would be one thing, but how about:

"My name is Allergy, and I'm an amateur commenter on Comics Make No Sense! Here's my membership card to prove it!"

Eh? Ehhhhh?

Incidentally, am I the only one who finds it a little suspicious that he wanted to prove it so bad? "There's no way you are an amateur photographer! I demand you give me your film!"... er, which Batman did anyway.