Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wilbur Wolfingham Wednesday!

You say you just don't know how to approach women? You can either spend mega-bucks on seminars, or you can drop 12 cents on World's Finest v1 #16:

See what he did there? He knew he was going down, so he went for broke and discovered a little. . . *ahem* interest she had. Now, she's all ears, and he didn't even have to offer her cash or illegal narcotics. Way to go!

Of course, it didn't hurt that Jimmy was wearing his Mood Suit(tm):

See? When it's blue, I'm sad, but when I get hopeful, it turns green!

Who gave Superman his best fight? Luthor? Doomsday? Validus? Metallo? psssshhhh... you wish. Ladies and gents, I give you: Wilbur Wolfingham!:

Wilbur could take it, and look damn good while doing it. I would buy a Wilbur Wolfingham series religiously.

But alas, it was not to be:

See Wilbur about to blow his brains out in the bottom right? It was more common in cartoons, but back in the day it was considered comical for people to end their own lives violently when they realize they did something stupid. See, that was back when we had class. If we forgot to mail the electric payment, out with the .38! The world was a better place when we had the testicular fortitude to have a little shame. Rock on, Jimmy!

Believe it or not, this isn't a drinking game:

Or rather, it wasn't designed to be a drinking game. You could probably turn it into one. Hmmmmm... I wonder if Childhood Pal Scotty could get me the rights to that game? I'd turn it into a drinking game, and then it would really be a coast-to-coast craze. With all the fun of rummy - which I think is a game, but also sounds like an invitation to drink. I see a box set in the making to put under Drunk Uncle Rory's Christmas tree next year!

Wheee! That was fun. See you tomorrow!


googum said...

I was going to say there's no way you could make any money with that game, since a college drinking board game? You're gonna have to laminate the hell out of that thing...unless your master plan is they buy a new one every time someone "party fouls" into the game which case you're an evil genius. Hmm.

Sea_of_Green said...

I thought just going to college, in general, was one big drinking game!

TF said...



Johnny said...

Isn't green the colour of envy and not joy?!?

SallyP said...

Poor Wilbur. All he had to do was wait until Jimmie's overnight fame inevitably faded away, leaving him a sad empty shell of a man, and then...THEN he'd get the girl!

Mike Reeves-McMillan said...

Wilbur is clearly a supervillain. He speaks of himself in the third person.