Friday, January 9, 2009

Workin' the Muu Muu Friday!

Hawkeye was and is a pretty popular Avenger, despite having horrible taste in clothing. For reasons I never understood, he chucked his identity and started using Hank Pym's growth serum to become Goliath. Then, for reasons I never understood, he got rid of the growth serum and had a contest with Rick Jones to see who could be more useless.

And that's fine, to a point. But check out the purty Neal Adams art and this bit of dialogue from Avengers v1 #96:

Okay, if you voluntarily get rid of your super-powers, don't wallow in self-pity about how useless you are in a Kree-Skrull War. There was plenty of time before going into space to run back to your locker and pick up your arrows (which, granted, wouldn't have been much of an improvement, but something is better than nothing). That's like not going to the bathroom before a road-trip: Remorse from your decision may be valid, but there's a certain level of self-accountability that should be applied.

I've also noticed that Hawkeye's demeanor, which I found entertaining at the age of 10, is much less endearing at the age of 40.

But you know what never grows old? Muu Muus!

Nothing says "I have given up trying to attract a man" like a Muu Muu! That is one self-confident lady! Rock that Muu Muu, sistah!

And here's a bit of truth in advertising:

Okay, did you get that? Captain Tootsie is about to suffer a fatal energy crash because his intake of chocolate-flavored sugar pellets has been cut off.

And apparently, you become so irrational that it never occurs to you that you might want to remove the cork from your own mouth.

See you Monday!


FoldedSoup said...

Good grief! That's gold.


Anonymous said...

She's wearing Red Sonja's chainmail under that thing. She just doesn't want the kids to know about it.

Hey, didn't Hawkeye actually have to stop taking the serum because it made him sick or something ? Or am I confusing him with some other guy from that era ?

-- cleome45

Descada said...

I'm wondering how many boys reading comic books were in the market for a muu-muu..

Captain Tootsie..hoo boy, where to begin. First, he has a purse. He's a blond-quiffed guy in tight shiny clothes, attentive to young boys in need.. Um.
Dispensing sugary treats. I'm gay so I can say this: what a weird fancy- prancer.

Alan said...

Ah, yeah, Finally, the correct spelling- Muu Muus, Iwas so Moo Moo for awhile there.
I bumped into you through a link on one of your friends blogs. Stop by and visit me at

Sea_of_Green said...

I swear, Tootsie Rolls must've received some sort of government backing in order to still be in business -- kinda like cigarettes.

mr said...

Wasn't that a KLF song? All bound for Muu Muu land?

Adam Barnett said...

There was *someone* who quit the growing thing because of health problems, cleome.... are you thinking of Bill Foster's Giant-Man of the 1980's?

The Clint Barton version just had him ticked off at his ineffectiveness as Goliath and smashing the serum on the floor (something I'm sure Rick Jones appreciated since Rick had been dying for super-powers since Avengers #1).

And I could see Clint's point. In the dozen or so issues prior, the main job he seemed to have was getting mowed down first in battle. I guess he was the biggest target, so he always got smacked first. :-)

De said...

mr: The KLF's alter ego was The JAMM, Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. They were awesome when they paired up with Blue Man Group.