Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Rod be Cosmic Tuesday!

I've been calling it All-Star Comics, but during the relaunch was it The Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics starring the Super-Squad? And, if so, was that the longest title for a comic book ever? And, even more importantly, was the "Super Squad" the lamest name for a super-hero group ever?

I never really understood the Super Squad. I mean, Robin had appeared as a JSA member before this, and by issue #60, the Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl were given run of the JSA Headquarters, so I presume they were members as well. So I'm not sure who the Super Squad was, except they had a name that made you embarrassed to be caught with it in your backpack.

And check out the unfortunate cover to issue #62:

Hmmmmm... firstly, I'm pretty sure that, tough as Wildcat is, Hawkman could make him eat that funky cat mask. I mean, have you seen Hawkman in the last 10 years? We're talking about the guy who chopped off the Matter Master's arm with an axe. On purpose.

That said, the expression on Hawk's face and the way he's waiving his arms around is delightfully ineffectual and makes me giggle.

It's a good day. Know why? Because we get a double dose of Fun with Out of Context Dialogue!(tm!):

That little bit came from issue #62.

And here's a gem from issue #63:

Alas, I think DC figured out why everyone was snickering every time the Kid said something, because they would soon convert the rod into a belt (which would be quite painful, I would think - imagine if someone were to turn your rod into a belt!) and the "That's what he said!" moments would come to an abrupt end.

It was gold while it lasted, though. Gold!

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Oh Cosmic Rod jokes are ALWAYS funny.

By the way, I fear that I must disagree with your belief that Hawkman could take Wildcat. Ted hasn't showered in a week, and his funkiness is obviously far more powerful than any Thanagarian can overcome.

Anonymous said...

The Golden Age Hawkman was depicted as a reincarnated Egyptian prince rather than a Thanagarian.