Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Okay, even if I can get past the notion that the bad guy can hypnotize you instantly, there is no amount of hypnotism that will get you to defy gravity. And no, kids, Hourman could never fly.

You are in my hypnotic power... I command you to breathe under water like a fish!

Yes, Master! Glub glub!


Jeremy Rizza said...

"...There is no amount of hypnotism that will get you to defy gravity."

Well, it helps if you learned hypnotism by watching Tex Avery cartoons.

Anonymous said...

It's really odd to think of, but when I was a kid and first exposed to Hourman, (reprints) I remember being overwhelmingly turned off .

When you're a kid an "hour" is an interminably long amount of time. If you wanted something and were told to "wait an hour" it was excruciating- forever!

And if you hated school, you'd measure how many-sigh- HOURs were left.

It's funny! Seems like a neutral measure of time to adults . I just remember hating the name, Hourman..yawn!

Cool scan tho, thanks! I'm over my hourphobia now. With medication. And booze.