Thursday, May 17, 2007

Great Moments in FF History, part 2

Goodness knows, there's nothing better than a giant gorilla. You know you've got something great going on when you aren't afraid to remind readers of crappy characters you've inflicted on them like Tomazooma.

But a giant, talking gorilla is even better. Primates are great, but primates who act like people - a bargain at twice the price!

Oh, no way. Not for a mere 35 cents, you didn't! You mean to tell me that for one thin dime and one thick quarter, you're going to give me a giant, talking gold gorilla and a shot of Sue wearing an apron and shaking a wooden spoon at Reed while in full costume? I can't let you do that, Stan. I'm writing you a check for a hundred bucks, and I want you to take it. No, no.... don't thank me! You've earned every penny on that one!


FoldedSoup said...


I'm adding that to my single panel wackyness collage. That's great!

(issue, please?)

SallyP said...

Not ONLY is Sue in an apron, but the giant monkey is checking out her behind...while Reed is glued to his bloody microscopoptimzermetatronamajig.

Adam Barnett said...

soup, no problem.... always happy to contribute. That was Fantastic Four, vol. 1, number 171.

Captain Infinity said...

Man, I've never seen Reed look so freaked. You'd think after all the crazy crap he's seen a talking gorilla would be pretty mundane.

SallyP said...

Nahhh, it's over at DC that talking to gorillas is mundane. Man, they're everywhere over there!

Anonymous said...

FF #171 is another of my favorite issues. I only wish you had showed the scene where Sue is taken hostage! This issue reminds me so much of the King Kong film and lovely Naomi Watts being in Sue's position.