Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Character Hall of Shame - Gaard

Yup - a cosmic hockey goalie, complete with stick. Wow. And I thought the Black Racer was lame.


Blockade Boy said...

Yikes. As bad as that outfit (and general concept) is, the name is even worse. Pure 90's, even though this panel appears to be from the 70's. And given that he's a Silver Surfer rip-off, couldn't they have named him the Golden Goalie or sumpin' like that?

SallyP said...

Wonder if he has any teeth?

Vaklam said...

Embarassing fact #1: I have that issue.

Embarassing fact #2: I bought it a few years ago as a back issue.

Yes, I actually sought it out.

That panel always amused me because the miliseconds in the dude's threat were over long before he got the rest of that sentence out.

Adam Barnett said...

There's no shame in it, vaklam.... after all, I didn't draw these panels myself! I'm obviously a back-issue kinda dude myself, and there's only a small handfull of things I'm actually embarassed to have in those mylar bags!

SallyP, Gaard actually did have teeth. He was Johnny Storm from an alternate planet.

No, really.... you can't make that kinda stuff up.

I promise, that's who he was!

Vaklam, back me up here!

Sleestak said...

Gaard ruled. Back off.

Erich said...

Yep, Gaard was the Johnny Storm of that alternate Earth where Reed Richards became the Thing and Ben Grimm had the stretchy and flame powers combined. (Johnny and Sue didn't go up in the rocket.)

SallyP said...

Well, it's nice to know that Johnny is an idiot no matter WHAT universe he's from!