Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Well, Of COURSE They Get Along... They're MARRIED!

Hey!  Let's check out Boy Meets Girl #7!

"All Kisses Aren't Love" is a title that caused me to pause for a second.  With a title like that, this comic could go to a very dark "50 Shades of Gray" kind of place.  Hi, Googlers!

Anyway, Phil is in love with Ann.

Is it my lemon yellow sweater-vest?  I *knew* I shouldn't have worn my lemon yellow sweater-vest!

Oh, Ann... now you're just being coy.

Is it because he's got money to burn and drives a big car?

I think you answered your own question there, Phil.

Man, if I ever make a CMNS T-Shirt, it is so going to have that panel on it.  "Well, of course they get along... They're married!"

But Phil is far too emotionally stable and reliable for Ann, so Don it is!

Come on, Ann!  Perhaps you've forgotten that I'm rich and drive a fancy car?

Don't worry about it, Faye!  Ann was very uncooperative!

WHAT?  Ann, need I remind you that Don is rich and drives a fancy car?

I'm not sure why Don gets a pass there, but apparently... well, rich handsome guys who drive fancy cars can do whatever they want.

Why... that conceited!  I'll only go out with him a few more times, but he'd better either straighten up or buy me something pretty!

Again, with the use of the term, "make love."  Readers have explained to me that it didn't mean then what it means now, but boy does that look raunchy now!

Okay, so now FAYE gets a pass for trying to seduce Phil?  These people need serious therapy.

 I got here as soon as my lemon yellow sweater-vest dried, Ann!

Now that I notice it, Ann is wearing that same red dress she wore in the intro.  Are these uniforms or something?

Anyway, Ann has finally grown up a bit and decided Phil is a catch:

I don't really need my glasses!  I need my SHOTGUN!  You kissed her, you marry her!

And the bride wore a red dress with white trim, whilst the groom wore a lemon yellow sweater-vest...

See you tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

So Faye thinks kissing a guy makes Ann a fallen woman? I wonder if people were really that puritanical in the fifties.

Adam Barnett said...

I think they liked to *pretend* that was the case with each other, but I suspect they were just as randy as every generation before and since.

Yael said...

Oh look, they had Nice Guy (TM) stories back then, too. Yay.