Friday, January 23, 2015

Aye Aye, Batman!

Check out this cover!:

Is Batman totally laughing there?  I think he can see the creature's junk through... all that around the old crotchal region.

Check out the next issue:

You don't see a lot of the Bat-Boat... or "Batman Boat," as the case may be.  I think I've seen it more in the Adam West Batman tv series than I've seen it in comics.  And it seems like the "Bat-Torpedoes" would be the worst possible way to travel, but it's not like I have any better ideas... although I would think that a smaller speedboat might be the way to go.

Hey!  Random Sucker Punch! (tm!)

Take us into the weekend, Bruce!

Hmmmmm.... well, let's turn it over to the CMNS Dancers! 

See you Monday!

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