Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Robin and Ant-Man Team-Up! Seriously!

Batman #156 gives us our first look at Ant-Man!

Yup.  And nope.

See?  Did I lie?

Look familiar?  Are those powers familiar?  They even had him wearing red like the Marvel Comics character we all know and... well, love may be too strong of a word, but we'll see how the movie goes.  And yes, this came out in the June 1963 issue, almost a year after Henry Pym became Ant-Man (the one we've heard of) in the September 1962 issue of Tales to Astonish.  Robin, I think Marvel Comics's Legal Department is on line one.

Check out the Gorilla Gang!

If ever a B-grade group of crooks needed a revival, I'd say it's the Gorilla Gang.  Because.... well, GORILLAS!

This got me to thinking:

Okay, first.... cool it with the tears, Robin.  You're better than that.

Also, what do they call each other, really?  I mean, what's the default name they have for each other?  I would think they'd call each other "Bruce" and "Dick" unless they were in costume, but here's Robin talking to Bruce (who isn't even wearing the costume) and calling him "Batman."  I don't know why, but that whole panel is just cringe-worthy to me.  (A) Dick is crying and (B) Dick calling Bruce "Batman" when it isn't necessary seems dang awkward to me.  And seriously, Dick... stop crying.  Yeesh!

I'm overthinking it.  Give me Batman and the Bat-Hound fighting the Gorilla Gang!


See you tomorrow!