Thursday, January 8, 2015

Captain America vs. the Piraya Fish!

So, was Agent Carter any good?

Here's a bit from Golden Age Captain America #42:

Considering how spiky that mace was, I'm impressed Bucky doesn't have closed-head trauma.  But there he is in the next panel, healthy as can be:

Okay, I only have to say this about the "piraya fish":

They move dang slowly.

Let's watch a guy get killed by an octopus:

That's good stuff, that is.

See you tomorrow!

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Patrick McEvoy said...

Agent Carter - Loved it! Have you seen it yet? The look and action are great, with production values that seem a step above most network TV fare. I also enjoy the jazz-era soundtrack. And Carter herself is a fun character, along with Jarvis and Stark.

The only reservation I have is the constant drumbeat of "wow, men sure did treat women bad in the 1940's". Which may be true enough but do we have to get that refrain thrown at us in EVERY SINGLE SCENE at her office and several others as well? If that keeps up it could really get old fast.