Friday, January 9, 2015

In Which Batman Hassles a Giant Disembodied Hand for No Reason Whatsoever

More Silver Age fun from Batman #146:

Know why the bad guys are using a giant pepper shaker?  So they couldn't be charged with Assalt.

Get it?

Okay.  Moving on:

Well, in their defense, the boy is wearing a leopard skin.  Everyone from the local rednecks to PETA would be looking to beat him up these days.

Here's one of my favorite stories ever:

I love it when people just waive their arms around as they panic.  It's so old-school.

And well he should yaaaaa!

Another classic: Ayeee!  See?  You get a giant hand and some awesome panic noises!

Hey!  Lay off the giant hand!  It's brought me a lot of joy!

There's more to it, but why bother?  It's a gigantic hand.... and it's doin' stuff!

See you Friday!